Fallout 7.1

A classic post-apocalyptic roleplaying game by Black Isle Studios

Fallout is the classic RPG to rule all classic RPGs. This game, even though released two decades ago, still has a strong cult following and is considered to be the perfect first installment in a billion-dollar franchise.

The game has a classic isometric third-person tactical view with real-time mode for exploration and turn-based combat. You control the protagonist living in a world where nuclear war happened, and civilization as we know it ceased to exist. Many years after the vault you leave a special Vault harboring a handful of survivors and explore the world where gangs of barbaric raiders terrorize settlements of the people who try to survive in the wasteland, and mutants roar unopposed in irradiated lands. The world of Fallout is often considered to be the best post-apocalyptic setting in history, combining elements from various science-fiction works and being heavily influenced by Mad Max. There are various interesting quests you can go on, characters to interact with, challenging fights to win, and the fate of humanity itself is at stake, even though the root of the journey is deeply personal.

The gameplay is time-proof, it seems. Map for global travel across the Wasteland, tactical combat and the tole-playing system called S.P.E.C.I.A.L. with a great selection of stats, skills and perks that can help you create a truly unique and powerful character. The game is so adored by RPG fans because no skill or perk is useless, and the connection between the world and the gameplay feels almost real, despite the game being, honestly, very old.

Fallout is a legend, and even though so many years have passed, it will remain loved for many, many more years.

James Lynch
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  • Great story
  • Immersive world


  • Gameplay and graphics are very dated
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